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Buying a home is one of the most exciting times of life, and AccuSpect Inspections wants to be sure that it’s exciting for all the right reasons. Our home inspectors make it their business to provide the facts that buyers, sellers, and investors need to make informed decisions. Schedule online now or contact us at (734) 467-7328.

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Specialty Inspections

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Commercial Inspections

High-Quality Specialty Inspections

To help uncover hidden issues, we offer specialty inspections that check for mold, radon, asbestos, and more. Once our inspections are complete, you will have a thorough understanding that will allow you to make informed buying, selling, and repairing decisions.

Our Service Area

Located in Trenton, MI, we serve clients in the Detroit area as far north as Troy, west to Ann Arbor, and south to the Ohio border.

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Why Choose AccuSpect?

First of all, we understand what you’re going through. We entered the world of home ownership naively in 1984, and what we didn’t know ended up costing us thousands upon thousands of dollars and lots of time to repair. You can read more about our story here. That experience led us into the home inspection field, and our desire is to help as many homeowners as possible avoid what we went through.

We currently hold four certifications in the home inspection field, with more to come. With 3,500 inspections under our belts, we’ve seen about everything and know how to address it or know the people who know how to address it.

  • We offer free warranties on our full inspections. You won’t believe everything this covers.
  • We fix the small stuff.
  • We walk the roof so we can actually see it.
  • We enter crawl spaces. Eew.
  • We go in attics.
  • We carry E & O and General Liability Insurance.
  • We are educators, not just reporters.
  • We offer free lifetime access to professional consulting.
  • We are certified experts.
Professional Home Inspections

More Than an Inspection

Certified and experienced, AccuSpect has been providing excellent home inspections and commercial inspections since 2004. We go the extra mile to ensure you have as much information as possible before making a buying decision. Located in Trenton, MI, we serve the greater Detroit area and a significant portion of eastern Michigan, including Monroe. Schedule an inspection online now or call (734) 467-7328.

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