Complimenting full home and commercial inspections, at AccuSpect Inspections we offer specialty services that address a multitude of conditions or problems. Schedule an inspection online now or call (734) 467-7328.

Specialty Mold Inspection Detroit

Mold Inspections & Testing

Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, if you smell or see a substance like mold or mildew, by all means have it checked out. Our mold testing utilizes limited sampling to establish baseline air samples and then samples the area in question. The results will help you decide how to proceed.

Specialty Radon Inspection Detroit

Radon Testing

Radon is an odorless and invisible substance, yet it definitely should not be “out of sight, out of mind,” because it can have deadly consequences. Radon testing will help you determine if this gas is an issue that needs to be addressed in your home.

Specialty Asbestos Inspection Detroit

Asbestos Testing

Houses that were built prior to 1980 have the possibility of containing asbestos in the insulation or paint. If you suspect a problem, we can conduct asbestos testing so you’re not left wondering about the safety of your home.

Specialty Infrared Inspection Detroit

Infrared Inspections

Thermal imaging can help identify if large temperature differences exist in the walls or other surfaces of a home. Temperature differences can indicate possible unseen problems such as plumbing or roof leaks or missing insulation.

Specialty Sewer Inspection Detroit

Sewer Inspections

These inspections help to identify any existing problems in the main sewer lead into your home. Using a sewer camera, we can find and pinpoint the exact location of any issues.

Specialty Pool Inspection Detroit

Pool & Spa Inspections

If a pool is on the must-have list of your home, make sure it’s not a nightmare waiting to happen. Our pool and spa inspections include a visual inspection and check of all major equipment to make sure it’s in operating order.

At AccuSpect, our desire is to help people attain their dream of homeownership and to prepare for it in a realistic manner. Let us help you realize your dream with the confidence that comes from a home inspection and specialty inspections. Schedule an inspection online now or call (734) 467-7328. We serve the Detroit area, including Ann Arbor, Monroe, and much of eastern Michigan.