A common goal for many homeowners is to have an energy-efficient home. Some choose to upgrade appliances or HVAC systems, while others call AccuSpect Inspections for an infrared inspection. With this kind of investigation, homeowners get a thermal image of their home and can see where heat and cold air is escaping. Here are several of the most common pain points that infrared inspections identify. 3 Common Places Where Homes Lose Energy

1. Windows

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), homes lose an average of one-third of their heat and cold air through windows. This is especially true for homes that have metal window frames and large single panes of glass. Infrared inspections can identify significant thermal changes, pointing to a possible escape route for hot and cold air. To improve energy efficiency, many homeowners choose to upgrade the windows of their homes.  

2. Attic

The attic is a common trouble area for most homeowners, especially in the winter. Heat rises, and if the attic is poorly insulated, heat quickly escapes the home. An infrared inspection can accurately get a full picture of your attic and show you where heat is escaping. Rolled insulation panels or foam insulation is a standard solution for those trying to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. 

3. Chimney

In the winter, the fireplace is an excellent source of heat, but when there’s not a warm log burning, cold air can come down the chimney and make the room drafty, or even allow cold air to escape upwards in the summer. By getting an infrared inspection, you’ll learn just how much energy you’re losing through the chimney as the seasons change. You can easily block airflow with a chimney balloon that’s designed to inflate and plug the stack, tightly sealing it for a more energy-efficient home.

Call the Experts

Owning a home comes with a lot of work, including doing what you can to ensure your home is energy-efficient. Residents throughout Detroit, MI, trust our team at AccuSpects Inspections for all of their infrared testing to help improve their structures. They also trust us with radon tests, mold inspections, and asbestos inspections. Schedule your appointment online today or contact us at (734) 467-7328.