Does your new dream home come with its own backyard oasis? While a pool and spa will give you bragging rights with your new neighbors, it will also be a lot of work. Often the pool inspection from AccuSpect Inspections falls to the bottom of the home-buying checklist. However, not relying on a pool and spa inspection before signing on the dotted line will cost you in the long run. In fact, here are three of the most common issues new home buyers find when considering a home with a pool.

3 Common Pool Problems Home Buyers Should Know

1. Pool Interior & Decking Hazards

The pool interior and decking issues are some of the most noticeable. If you can see plaster cracks or vinyl tearing in the lining of the pool, then you’ll want to have a full inspection done. The pool may also have uneven water levels, which could be an indication of foundation trouble. With a full inspection report, you’ll also know of any issues with bonding and drainage or pump issues that could lead to more costly repairs down the road. 

2. Electrical Concerns

Without electricity, your potential new pool won’t operate properly. Anytime electrical components and water are in close proximity, special care and maintenance is needed to ensure safety. Some of the things we’ll look for include damaged or missing pool lights, malfunctioning ground-fault circuit interrupters, and improperly installed junction boxes. Improper electrical wiring and installation can be dangerous and needs to be fixed right away. 

3. Pool Equipment Malfunctions

Outside the pool itself are key components that keep water flowing and even heated in some cases. However, these components are not immune to malfunctions and misuse. With a professional pool inspection, we guarantee all of these components will be examined thoroughly. We’ll look for leaks around the pump, improperly vented heaters, and dirty water filters. These components work around the clock to keep the pool crystal clear, and thus need to be well-maintained.

Schedule Your Pool Inspection

Before you sign of the dotted line for your new dream home, it’s important that you call AccuSpect Inspections for a thorough and detailed pool and spa inspection. We proudly serve residents throughout Detroit, MI, and have built a reputation for being detailed and professional. We display high-quality professionalism and expertise that you won’t find elsewhere. Additionally, we also offer sewer inspections, infrared inspections, and radon testing. When you’re ready, schedule your appointment by calling (734) 467-7328.