Looking into purchasing a new home? Unless it’s literally a new build, there’s a possibility that mold may be present in your prospective home. In fact, mold is a fungus that produces spores in the air, whether you’re inside or outside. But it only propagates if it lands on moisture. So, the key to a mold-free home is to keep it dry, mopping up spilled water, repairing leaks as soon as you notice them, and having a well-constructed roof. If you’re planning to buy a home and want the peace of mind of knowing whether or not dangerous colonies of mold are present, get a mold inspection with AccuSpect Inspections. Here are a few reasons why this inspection is so important. 

3 Reasons to Get a Mold Inspection 

1. You suspect the presence of mold. 

Trust your eyes and your nose. If you see a patch of something on a wall and you’re not sure what it is, or if you think you can smell mold, get an inspection. Then you’ll know for sure what you’re dealing with. 

2. You don’t know the house’s history.

When buying a home in Detroit, you have no way of knowing for sure what kind of water damage may have occurred in the past. What’s more, if the house has been unoccupied for an extended period of time, humidity could have built up inside and allowed mold to grow. The only way to find out if mold is present is to have a mold inspection. 

3. You’ll be able to plan ahead. 

If mold is found to be present, we’ll suggest some remediation steps. If it’s a relatively minor amount, you may be able to treat it yourself. If it’s a larger, more problematic amount, we’ll suggest some more thorough treatment options. Or, you might choose to walk away from the purchase. But either way, you’ll be able to make a plan, knowing what’s really going on in the home. Find out for certain with mold testing from AccuSpect Inspections. Our goal is to make sure your dream of home ownership does not turn into a nightmare. Schedule an inspection online now or call (734) 467-7328.