If you haven’t been feeling well while at work, and you can’t figure out why, it could be time for an indoor air quality assessment. Poor indoor air quality at the office can have a significant impact on your entire team. Mold-related illnesses can be scary, which is why AccuSpect Inspections is a Certified Mold and Indoor Air Assessor. We can help pinpoint what’s causing you to feel poorly, via our indoor air quality testing. Here is what you need to know about the process.

4 Things to Expect During an Air Quality Test

1. Length of Time

The length of time it takes us to complete your indoor air quality assessment depends on how significantly the air quality has been impacted. It also depends on how many areas of your building need to be tested. Typically, assessments can take anywhere from 1-2 hours. 

2. Level of Involvement

When it comes to finding out what’s causing you to feel poorly while at work, we have to inspect several different things. We’ll look at your HVAC and interior plumbing, and examine your walls, windows, and basement. We’ll take humidity ratings and look for any red flags. We’ll also collect air samples and look for surface mold.

3. What We Test For

While most of your complaints are likely mold-related, we’ll also test for radon and asbestos in the air. Mold, radon, and asbestos are common in office buildings, especially older buildings with original walls and insulation. Mold can also be caused by water and moisture damage that’s gone undetected for years. 

4. What to Expect from Analysis

Following our air quality testing, you’ll receive a summary of the inspection, lab results, and our professional recommendations for remedying the situation. We’ll either determine that you have elevated volatile organic compounds or mold, or rule them out altogether. Our report will show you what compounds we did find and which ones we didn’t, so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. 

Work Health Matters

Commercial inspections aren’t just for new buildings and construction; they’re also for businesses that have experienced some water damage or now have employees with illnesses that don’t have a defined cause. The office is where you spend most of your time, and you might even have guests from time to time. So, it’s important to have your indoor air quality tested regularly. AccuSpect Inspection proudly serves businesses throughout Detroit, Ann Arbor, Monroe, Troy, and Trenton, MI. To schedule an appointment for your mold, radon, asbestos, or commercial property inspection, call us today at (734) 467-7328.