Mold is not always bad— without it, we would not have life-saving penicillin or life-changing cheese. However, when mold is growing in your home, it can be a dangerous threat to you and your family. According to the Michigan Department of Health, untreated mold spores can cause health issues such as runny eyes and headaches but can also exacerbate asthma and other illnesses in adults. AccuSpect Inspections provides quality mold inspection and testing to keep your family safe. If you suspect that your home may be infected with mold, call (734) 467-7328 for an immediate consultation. 

How to Find Mold

Unfortunately, mold spores cannot be seen by the naked eye. They become visually detectable as they start to grow. Depending on the type of mold and humidity of your home, it is possible to see black, yellow, orange, green, or brown colors. Mold can grow on various materials and surfaces and often carries a musty odor.

Closer Look at Mold

Common Areas for Mold Growth 

It is suggested that if you find mold on a smaller item, the object should be discarded and the area around it thoroughly cleaned with warm water and bleach. However, mold growth can be tricky, and spores may be hiding in areas you can’t see. Below is a list of common hiding places for standard growth:

  1. Kitchen. Food is an obvious carrier for hungry mold spores, so it is no wonder that the kitchen is a common spot for mold growth. Check damp spaces and behind corners for fallen food and spills. 
  2. Basements. Leaking pipes in dark spots can increase the likelihood of growing mold on furniture and ceilings. 
  3. Bathrooms. Due to the humidity and presence of water, mold tends to find its way onto shower curtains and underneath bath mats.
  4. Attics. A leaking roof can cause mold growth in wood and spread to damage your home. 
  5. Plants. A plant that is overwatered may hold mold in the soil or bottom of the pot.
  6. Fabrics. Cloth items like rugs or clothing can be perfect breeding grounds for mold spores.

AccuSpect Inspections Serves Homes in Detroit and Surrounding Areas

Mold can become a serious problem, so never wait until it is too late. Proper mold testing needs to be done by a professional to ensure your safety and the preservation of your property. For years, AccuSpect Inspections has successfully tested and inspected mold in homes by examing both air and physical samples. If you suspect that you have mold, call (734) 467-7328, and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. 

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