Pools and hot tubs are great additions to any of our beautiful homes in Detroit. In fact, the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals accounts for over 10.4 million residential pools in the United States. As a Michigan based inspection company, AccuSpect Inspections knows that early detection is the most effective way to prevent costly mistakes. Before buying your new home, be sure to schedule an appointment online, or call (734) 467-7328. 

They say that moving is one of the most stressful experiences in a lifetime. Purchasing a new home is a laundry list of bullet points, and there are several aspects that can be overlooked. AccuSpect Inspections is operated under certified residential and commercial supervision that excels in identifying the problem and taking the steps to fix it. Though pools and hot tubs add value to your home, they can also be a costly expense if not properly cared for. Below is a short list of reasons you should have your pool inspected: 

Backyard Pool Inspection

Hot Tub Rash 

Pseudomonas aeruginosa or Hot Tub Rash is a semi-dangerous bacteria that can cause a skin irritation. Due to the fact that bacteria-killing chemicals such as chlorine deteriorate faster in warmer temperatures, these environments are prone to contaminations. This is why showers are suggested after dips in the pool or hot tub. Like any rash, Hot Tub Rash causes tiny, red, itchy bumps on exposed areas of the skin. Luckily, this normally subsides in a few days, but the momentary discomfort is enough to actively avoid. 

Hot Tub Rash Infographic

Otitis externa 

This unfortunate infection is common among swimmers as it is caused by stagnant water that is trapped in the ear. Widely termed as “Swimmer’s Ear”, this infection can cause swelling, irritation, and itching. Pain is a great indicator of an infection’s presence as well as a light, colorless discharge.

Pools are a popular and great addition to any Detroit home; however, many underestimate the level of maintenance a pool can require. As a standing body of water, your pool or hot tub can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Avoid pool-related illnesses by employing professional services. The experts at AccuSpect Inspections have protected Detroit citizens from the invisible dangers of their homes for years. Contact us online, or call (734) 467-7328 today. 

Photo credit: www.visualhunt.com