Homes across the country are selling at a rapid pace. Thanks to high demand, low supply, and near rock-bottom lending rates, homes don’t stay on the market for long. In fact, people are often being caught up in bidding wars and offering sellers thousands above the asking price. Unfortunately, this also means they’re foregoing the purchase inspection, which is never a good idea. That’s why AccuSpect Inspections offers sellers a pre-listing inspection, and here are three reasons it’s important.

3 Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection in Today's Market

1. You Can Fix Things

One of the goals of a pre-listing inspection is to give you time to make major or minor repairs. If you wait until the buyer does the inspection, it could delay the selling and buying process, and you might even lose out on a sale. With the market as hot as it is right now, it’s crucial that homeowners make necessary repairs found in the pre-listing inspection. Additionally, a buyer is more likely to trust you because you took the time to care for your home before placing it on the market. 

2. The Warranty Goes to the Buyer

With our pre-listing inspections, homeowners enjoy a 5-year warranty on the roof and an 18-month full-home warranty. So, even if you don’t sell right away, you’re covered for up to six months longer than offered by our competitors. Additionally, this warranty can be paid for at closing when you do decide to sell. This is a great feature that many new buyers don’t receive and could give you more leverage. It’s also a great thing to have if you’re trying to sell your home quickly. 

3. Price Your Home Accordingly

Even if you can’t afford to make the necessary repairs to your current home before selling, a pre-listing inspection allows you to consider those costs when selling. This helps you fairly and accurately price your home based on what it will cost the new buyers. When you’re home is priced fairly, you’re more likely to sell it quickly. Additionally, in today’s market, you might still find someone willing to pay more than your asking price simply because of how competitive the market is. 

Schedule Your Pre-Listing Inspection Today

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