For many homeowners, a sewer inspection rarely crosses their minds until it’s too late. A problem with the sewer can lead to costly repairs and unwanted water damage in the yard or basement. Sewer issues can even arise in the kitchen and bathrooms, causing serious headaches. So, before your sewer line catches you off guard, turn to the team at AccuSpect Inspections. We use the latest technology to check for cracks and damage that could lead to these significant problems in your home. If it’s been a while since your last inspection, here are some common signs that it’s time to give us a call!

3 Signs You Need a Sewer Inspection

1. The Age of Your Home

If your home was built before 1980 and has never had a sewer inspection, then it’s time to book an appointment. Older homes tend to have lead pipes and weaker plumbing. Even if you’re not having issues with backups and slow drains, a yearly sewer inspection will ensure that you stay ahead of potential repairs to your older home. 

2. Large Trees in the Yard

If you have several large trees in your yard or have had one removed recently, then you’ll want to have your sewer line inspected. Tree roots love to grow around sewer lines, and large roots can even burst through pipes in the ground, leading to a flooded yard and backups in the home. If your trees are feeding off your sewer line, you should know about it and take the necessary steps to clear roots and repair broken water lines. 

3. Slow Drainage

Slow drains can be more than just hair clogs. If you have periodic backups in the bathroom shower or sinks, or in the kitchen sink, the problem could well be within your sewer line. Pay attention to your home and where you notice slow drains. If all of your sinks and toilets are draining slowly in one part of the house, then you might have a significant problem with a specific line. The only way to know is to hire a team of professionals for a sewer inspection. 

Call the Experts

Clogged pipes and slow drains are a common concern for residents throughout Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Monroe, MI. That’s why they turn to the inspection team at AccuSpect Inspections. Not only can you schedule an appointment for a sewer inspection, but you can also call us for radon testing and mold inspections. To find out more about our services or to contact us, call (734) 467-7328.