Does your dream home have a beautiful pool in the backyard? If a house you’re interested in has a pool or spa of any size, get it inspected before you buy. The trusted inspectors at AccuSpect Inspections have the experience and know-how to ensure that your backyard oasis stays that way. 

Get a Pool Inspection Before You Buy a House 

What’s included in a pool inspection?

Having a home with a pool is awesome, as long as the pool is working properly, doesn’t have any leaks, and is following the state and federal safety requirements. Some pools are expensive to repair, so it is important that the total cost of the house take into account all of the problems the property might have. Here’s what you can expect with a pool inspection:
  • Visual inspection of the pool’s structure, coping, liner, and deck.
  • Checking the operation of the equipment, including filters, heaters, and pumps.
  • If the pool is open and the water is a lovely shade of blue (not green), we’ll do a water test to check chemical levels.

Get comfortable with pool maintenance

If you’re new to pool or spa ownership, we recommend that you have the pool evaluated yearly until you feel confident performing your own water testing and pool maintenance. Preventing pool problems is much simpler than correcting them.

Start with an inspection

We may not be the cheapest company, but our certified experts are known for attention to detail and passion for educating our customers. We want your home buying experience to be a good one and, with our experience, we’ll provide the facts to help you make the right decision.

Before purchasing a home, being informed via a home and pool inspection just makes good financial sense. Schedule an inspection online now or call AccuSpect at (734) 467-7328. We serve the Detroit area, including Ann Arbor, Monroe, and much of eastern Michigan.