Fall has arrived, and winter is right around the corner. That means you should probably go through a fall home maintenance checklist to ensure your home is ready. Additionally, the upcoming holiday season will likely keep you busy, so here are some things the team at AccuSpect Inspections suggests you get done sooner rather than later. Furthermore, you can always count on us for a complete specialty home inspection at any time.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Clean the Gutters

If you have healthy, mature trees on your property, cleaning your gutters once a week until winter is a great idea. If you don’t have many trees, you may only have to clean your gutters once this fall. Clearing the path for rain and upcoming snow will ensure you don’t experience any downspout blockages or leaks into your attic. Come spring, clean gutters will also eliminate any breeding grounds for mosquitos and other bugs. 

Change the Furnace Filter

Before you turn on the heat for the first time, make sure you replace the filter. After using the air conditioner all summer long, the filter is likely full of dust, pet dander, and hair. A clean filter will also help your furnace run more efficiently during the winter. Just don’t forget to change it every 30 days to ensure you maintain this efficiency. Otherwise, you might see higher energy bills throughout the winter. 

Check Your Smoke & Co Detectors

Fall is a great time to check the batteries of your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. With the furnace running and the windows locked, your family has a greater risk of CO poisoning or even smoke inhalation should you experience a house fire. But, you can give everyone in your home that extra security by guaranteeing these detectors are ready and functioning correctly with new batteries.

Schedule an Inspection

Not only is fall a great time for regular home maintenance, but it’s also a great time for a specialty home inspection like an infrared inspection, radon testing, and mold inspection. If you live in Ann Arbor, Detroit, MI, or the surrounding areas, call the AccuSpect Inspections team and have your home tested. We’ll show you where your home is losing energy, as well as make you aware of some other home safety issues. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at (734) 467-7328