Are you thinking about selling your home? If so, then you’ll want to schedule a pre-listing inspection with AccuSpect Inspections. Most potential buyers are thankful when previous homeowners have taken the time to make home repairs before selling. So, if you’re looking to build buyer trust, here are three benefits of a pre-listing inspection.

Why Get a Prelisting Inspection

1. Seller Benefits

When you schedule a pre-listing inspection, you’ll enjoy an array of seller benefits. In addition to more selling power and more say over your home’s price, you will also enjoy a 120-day warranty during the listing period at no additional cost. With other companies, you can expect a charge of $60 for the listing period coverage. Our pre-listing program also comes with a five-year roof warranty and 18 months of full warranty, and the full warranty can be paid for at closing.

2. Save Time & Money

If you wait until your home is on the market to get an inspection, you risk losing both time and money. Potential buyers will be bringing in their own inspectors, who will advise their clients of all the major repairs that are needed. As a seller, many of these repairs could blindside you, and you will likely be left paying for the costly repairs before you’re successful in selling. With a pre-listing inspection, you’ll be aware of these repairs ahead of time, which means you will have time to shop around for the best contractors and prices for each repair. Taking the time and effort to make these repairs ensures that you can ask top dollar for your home when you put it on the market. 

3. Expedite the Selling Process

Taking the initiative to fix your home before listing ensures that the actual home selling process goes smoothly. You’ll limit the likelihood of lengthy negotiations or a sale falling through because of a negative inspection result. You’ll also increase buyer confidence, showcasing that you’ve taken care of your home and are ready to pass it on to the next homeowner. Buyers are naturally skeptical of a home’s condition. But with a pre-listing inspection and proof of repairs in your back pocket, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve done what you can to expedite the selling process for both you and the buyer.

Schedule Your Appointment

When you need a reliable pre-listing home inspection, contact the team at AccuSpect Inspections. We want to help everyone get into their dream home, whether they’re looking in Detroit, Monroe, or areas as far west as Ann Arbor and south to the Indiana border. In addition to home inspections, we also do radon testing, mold inspections, and spa and pool inspections. Schedule your appointment today when by calling (734) 467-7328.